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Cast Iron Baseboard Radiators - Burnham, Warden King, Crane, American Standard

Rad #25
Rad #26
2 1/2" deep
1 1/2" deep

Cast Iron Baseboard, if ordered as complete radiator can be shipped assembled. If more than 6ft long (8 ft maximum) it will be shipped assembled in sub assemblies up to 6ft long for final assembly on job site.

All complete Baseboard Radiators Include:

  • 1/8" wheel air vent
  • legs and wall button supports
  • foil vapour paper for wall side of radiator
  • 3/4"x1/8" bushing (for vent connection)
  • 3/4" plug (to close connection)

Radiators or panels, are hydrostatatically tested at 75 psi and receive 2 coats of industrial primer over bare cat iron (ready to paint your color of choice)


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